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Makai Murgh

I love Indian cooking. When I was in Bulgaria a few years back, I got a WhatsApp from Lara: “Miss you, daddy. Missing your carries” (sic). Yes, I also love the taste, love my...


Chai Masala

Lara found this recipe in Daniel’s favourite Indian cookbook.  This is the basis for making Chai Tea and Masala Chai with Lemongrass. Ingredients: ¾ tblsp Whole black peppercorns 4 sticks (2½ cm) Cinnamon sticks,...


Chai Tea

For our  Chai Tea we use Chai Masala that we’ve made in advance.  In India they drink this as a very sweet tea.  I’ve toned the sugar down a bit to avoid going into hyper drive....


Chai Tea with Lemongrass

This Chai Tea with Lemongrass comes originally from the west coast of Indian. Ingredients: 400ml (2 c) Milk 400ml (2 c) Water 4 – 5 Stalks fresh lemongrass, chopped 2 Tea bags, black tea...


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