Rooibos Lemon Iced Tea with mint

iced-tea-001Rooibos tea is an exceptionally nice beverage: Smooth, soft and refreshing. I associate the smell with our kids when they were babies. Their bottles always had rooibos tea in them. But Rooibos, for me, really features in an iced tea. This weekend I found our old Brita water-filter jug in the back of a cupboard. Since moving to the farm three years ago, we did not need to use it anymore. The farm water is so good, filtration actually makes it taste bad. An absolute certification of this theory was when Ben, who believed that if it was not black and had bubbles, it was not drinkable, berated Heidi when she put the water in the Brita. “It takes all the taste out”, he complained in his ten-year old style. I then noticed that he would walk past the fridge to the tap, get a glass of water and drink it. Fascinating!

The Brita Jug is perfect for the job of making Iced tea. I removed the filter, and put the tea bags, honey, sugar, and an entire lemon cut in slices into the inner filter reservoir. I added two sprigs of fresh mint. I then poured boiling water into the reservoir and it filled the jug slowly through the small filtering hole, giving the tea enough time to steep. The boiling water took the taste of the lemon and mint into the jug, and when you pour, it stays in the reservoir. The jug hold about 2,5l, so I used six tea bags.

I added a tablespoon of honey and six teaspoons of sugar. I let it cool on the tabletop, and lifted the reservoir a few times to let all the steeped tea through, and then reinserted it again to flood from the bottom up. I then chilled it in the fridge.

The entire jug was quaffed in about an hour. Real money saver. And healthy, too.


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