Lemon curd drinking yogurt

drinkyoghurtSometimes you find the most incredible things in the least likely places. 

As I am currently working in deep rural South Africa, we stay with family, friends and mostly farmers. Their hospitality is just noteworthy. This reminds me of the way that we grew up. Where we dropped in for a cup of tea when we had our constitutional, as a family, around the block. I thought that these times were lost and that the Rottweiler and the can of pepper spray that you need to take with when you have a little stroll through the neighbourhood was just the way it was. 

Until I met my new friends, Stoffel and Elna in Carolina. I met my past, really. And felt right at home. 

Stoffel came from a very humble home, and a cool drink was either a glass of water or a glass of fresh milk. Not bad options, but children need variety. His favourite cool drink was this recipe. It was a treat, and after he made me one, I understood why. 

It is a fresh instant drinking yoghurt, which is in actual, technically correct fact, an Indian paan cheese. 

The recipe is so simple that I am not going to add the typical form. 

You take a glass and squeeze in half a fresh lemon. Pick out the pips. 

Then you add two teaspoons of sugar and stir into the lemon juice. 

Then fill the glass with cold milk. 

The milk immediately curdles, and as you stir it, it becomes a smooth drinking yoghurt/ cheese. 

And try it, it is liquid lemon curd. Absolutely delicious. 


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