Innovative Vegetable and Herb garden for small spaces

veggie_planter-002This morning, on our weekly trip to the Boeremark, we found this wonderful product, manufactured locally by John Kelly. He does not claim ownership of the idea, as he found it on the web, but he does make them and sell them. I just found it absolutely worth mentioning, as I love anything to do with organic farming and composting. Not as a faddist, just because it makes so much sense to me.

When we stayed in Wingate Park, I composted and mulched and did all the good organic things, as I had this huge pin-oak tree that gave me a ton of leaves every autumn. It took me two years to eradicate all weeds from the garden through mulching, and then another year to get the soil condition rich and fertile. In that time, I was fired by a gardener, as he just could not adapt to my “leave the leaves under the bushes” approach. As, in his book (a very small and thin one), gardening meant nice red soil to look at when you’re done. In my book, nice red soils is found in the Namib desert. When I picked up my leaf-mould, to aerate it, I found huge earthworms smiling toothlessly at me. I could have started a fish-bait shop on the side with those beauties. And then, the next year, I found a chameleon in the garden. The first one I saw in twenty-five years. So something must have worked in my poison-free vegetable garden.

This wonderful product of John is the perfect solution for that kitchen courtyard vegetable garden and/or herb garden. And it’s cat proof. My pots in the courtyard became outside toilets for the cats in two days. It comes in different sizes, depending on your need.

But that is not why I am excited by the product. In the middle of the container there is a pipe. This pipe has a top cover that you lift and where you deposit vegetable scraps. And it becomes a composter. As we know, if you have the right red earthworms, it also produces liquid fertiliser, which is then readily absorbed by the plants growing in the container. A self-feeding organic planter. large_veggie_planter

Now if this doesn’t excite you, perhaps you should just stick to buying those expensive packs of pre-packed herbs at the shop. The ones with the nice insecticides sprayed over them, giving you that zingy tinny taste of a slow death. Or perhaps you should contact John and get one of his units and explore the joys of kitchen gardening made easy. A vegetable garden that looks after itself.

You can reach John at Or phone him at 082 694 6716.

The website on his brochure is


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