Herbs you simply have to grow in your garden

herbs_artThere are some herbs that you simply have to grow in your own garden. Not only is it easy to grow herbs, there is nothing as rewarding as having freshly picked herbs to add to your dishes. 

1. Basil

There are many different types of basil, and even different colours. I would propose you grow them all (or all you may find) and experiment!

2. Sage

If you have a little jar of grey powdered sage that you sprinkle into your food as the recipe dictates, stop it! There is absolutely no substitute for fresh sage – and so many uses, as our articles will tell you. 

3. Mint

Such a prolific grower, you need to tame it every year, or it will take over the garden. But what a lovely flavour to add to your fresh lemonade, your salads and your Indian cooking. 

4. Thyme

Delicate and delicious, even the task of picking off the leaves gives you a good feeling. 

5. Rosemary

A sturdy and hardy bush that looks beautiful in the garden and gives a wonderful deep purple flush of flowers in mid summer. 

6. Oregano

The same family as Marjoram, oregano is simply irreplaceable in any Italian recipe. There are also many varieties, so experiment a little! Be adventurous!

7. Curry leaves

A tree that you plant and that gives you that authentic Indian cooking flavour that you would immediately associate with Indian cuisine. And fresh leaves are a must! The dried ones have none of the aromatic oils left. 

Just remember that some of these herbs are dry Mediterranean climate lovers, whilst others are water lovers. Don't just plant them all together in a clump. Some do better in pots, others die in pots. Read up, do your homework and it will be most rewarding – you will even dry your own in no time and save oodles of money!



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