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We would love it if you register your market with Love Cooking.  We are building a foodie community were we want to list food markets, vendors at food markets and cooking schools around the country.

It’s for free!!  Yes, to register with Love Cooking costs absolutely nothing.

In return for your own vendor page we are relying on your goodness to spread the word about Love Cooking, please ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook.  We’re astonished how quickly our web presence have grown since Jan 2015.  In social media you can find us on Twitter, Google+, Tumbler and Pinterest.

This sounds great.  I want to register as a vendor.

1.  Please complete the following form


Market Name:
Tell us about the market:
Contact Person:
Additional Contact No:
Market days:
Market Times:
Market Location:
GPS Coordinates:
Does Love Cooking need to edit your photo's?
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2.  Email your images to

 We need the following graphics for your vendor page

  • 1 x graphic/photo for your featured image.  72dpi. 720 x 340 pixels.
  • At least 3 product photo’s.  72dpi.  300 x 300 pixels.

Love Cooking has an excellent graphics department that will help you with the editing of photo’s.  We charge micro amounts, helping you to get your product page spit-spot.

  • R30 per photo

Within 3-4 working days after we have received your info (and proof of payment for photo editing, were necessary) your markets page will be up and running.


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