Laasterus – Our best pork supplier

laasterus2Yes, we stay in Pretoria, and this will most probably not be interesting to you if you stay in Koekenaap. (Do they have access to the internet in Koekenaap?)

But it is a thing of honour. When you find a supplier that, over the years support you with the most excellent product, you honour them.

We buy so much pork products from Stephan, from Laasterus, that he thought we run a Bed & Breakfast! But with a little tribe of foodie kids, who, from early on would get up and cook their own breakfasts, there is nothing like a rasher of REAL bacon, exquisitely smoked bacon or the fantastic pork cheese grillers or (my personal favourite), the jalapeno pork cheese grillers. They recently added the most exquisite chorizo’s to their product line. The best I have ever tasted!

Laasterus soon became an institution in our home. When we run out of bacon and, unfortunately, have to buy store-bought bacon, we get complaints. Other than the fact that it always turns out to be the amazingly shrinking bacon, it just does not taste so good.

Stephan and his wife make exquisite pork products. I have tried most and every single cut or product is a winner. Their son, Xander, is an exceptional little salesman and will entice you to try some grilled pork sausage.

They are at the Pretoria Boeremark (at the Pioniersmuseum) every Saturday from 6-9 am. Their farm is in Hekpoort.

So, if you want the best, drive out early and meet them.

You will need to leave the day before if you come from Koekenaap.

You can email Stephan at this address.


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