Three-leaf salad with balsamic cherry-tomato reduction

cherrysAlmost exhausted, after that fancy long title. But a very simple little dish. 

Such a lovely time of the year, where the veggie garden gives and abundance of cherry tomatoes, spinach, herbs and sweet corn. And those cherry tomatoes just wink at me when I work in the garden early in the morning. Dewdrops rolling off their cheeks like little tears…

Which is why you must pick them immediately and use them fresh. They must not even see the inside of the fridge. (They will never know if the light still burns after you close the door).

Then the leaves. For this salad I picked some fresh rocket, baby spinach and apple mint. 


cherry tomatoes about 300g
white balsamic vinegar 2 Tablespoons
Sugar 1 Teaspoon
Iceberg lettuce 1 small head (or rather heart)
Apple mint no more than 6 leaves
Baby spinach About 5 leaves
Fresh wild rocket About 10 leaves
Mayonnaise 2 teaspoons

How we go about it: 

Wash the tomatoes thoroughly. There always seems tto be some sticky stuff clinging to them. Take a small pan and pour in the white balsamic and the sugar. Reduce it to about 70% – it becomes slightly viscous and sticky. Add the tomatoes and simmer. Toss every now and then to get an even coating and simmer on the tomatoes. Simmer until they are soft but not a jam. They must still have their shape. 

Cut the iceberg lettuce heart into thin julienne strips. Do the same with the apple mint, the spinach and the rocket. Roll the rocket to slice easier. Put into the salad bowl. Put the two dollops of mayo on top and mix in with your hands. The creaminess of the mayo offsets the tanginess of the tomato nicely. 

When the tomatoes are ready, put them in the freezer to cool completely. If you add them warm to the salad it will destroy the salad crunch. 

When ready to serve – pour the tomato sauce over the leaves. Serve as is – let the salad tongs mix the two when you dish up. A nice fresh sweet but tangy taste with the freshness of the apple mint and the spiciness of the rocket complimenting each other nicely. A change from boring old salad. 


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