Tasty Samoosas & Spice

samoosa_smlI was referred to this little gem of a shop by a friend of mine. And since then I have been shopping there for my strange ingredient requirements in my Indian cooking. Mace, White and Black Cardamom, Kasoori Methi, Mustard Oil, all there. And so much more. The purveyors of Tasty Samoosa and Spice are friendly, helpful and full of wisdom. And you have to walk out snacking on their authentic tasting delicious samoosas or rotis. You can also take some home to freeze and enjoy later. And the prices are excellent. I prefer the taste of Basmati rice and I can get a 5kg bag there for R120! Consider that a 500g bag will set you back at least R45 at the local grocer, what a bargain. And it tastes better as well. 

Last week I ran out of turmeric and bought a 150g punnet there for R15. I really enjoy the shop. 


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