Roasted Garlic and Fresh Tomato rubbed Ciabatta bread

roasted-ciabattaEveryone says – keep the stale bread. Well, everyone in cooking shows that feature some-or-other Italian recipe. You can use the bread for croutons, in soups or even make a pasta with them. Very versatile. And who doesn’t love the taste and texture of real Ciabatta.

So, as we were having a beautiful slow-food chorizo dish, the perfect partner would be some ciabatta. And I found a frozen loaf in the back of the freezer. Expiry date will not be mentioned. But I think this is what would be referred to as “stale”. So, a quick defrost in the micro, and it comes back to life. Lara asked me last week about Walt Disney being frozen, and all I could think of was a man-sized microwave oven with a defrost button. Anyway, when the ice-brick bread was pliable again, I sliced it length-wise, as in a great big sarmie.

I then put it on a sheet of foil and added it to the 180 degree oven in which the chorizo bake was bubbling away. And baked it until it turned a golden colour.

Then, I took it out and rubbed it with a fresh clove of garlic. The rough hard surface of the bread actually grated the garlic into the bread. I used about half a clove. I then took a quarter of a tomato and rubbed the bread with that. It just gave this nice sweet and acidic freshness to the bread and the bit of moisture softened it a little.

I then sliced it in triangles and served it hot with the chorizo bake.

I have to say, what a tasty treat! And so simple. I am sold on the stale bread debate. I will never throw bread out again.


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