Petite Chèvre – Artisan Goat’s Milk Cheese

goat-milk-cheese2-001Petite Chèvre is one of our local artisan goat’s milk cheese providers. We buy from them at the Pretoria Boeremark, but they also sell at Provance in Zambesi Road, and at Uncle Tim’s in High Road, Benoni. I have bought some lovely cheeses from them and highly recommend you looking for their produce.

Petit Chèvre is situate just outside Pretoria towards Bapsfontein. Hendrik and Karen Serfontein are both involved in all the aspects of milking, husbandry and cheese-making. They are passionate about hand-craftted cheeses, including:

  • Chèvre logs – Chèvre is the Frech word for “goat’s milk cheese” – it is a semi-soft, creamy cheese that can be served as a spread on bread, crackers, or can be crumbed into a dip or a salad.
  • The Bietjies – Bietjie Lekker, Bietjie Brand, Bietjie Pong: Chèvre balls prreserved in oil with added herbs, garlic or spices. Can also be used in pastas.
  • Cottage Cheese – with Peppadews, herbs (la Provence), plain or with pesto
  • Feta and Basil Feta
  • Halloumi
  • Ricotta
  • Farmer’s cheese – a soft, fresh cheese with a dense but creamy texture. It is slightly sweet.
  • Washed-curd semi-hard cheeses: Dagbreek (plain), Scarlet (with red chillies), Pippuri (Three peppercorn)
  • Yoghurt – plain or sweetened with fruit pulps

You can find them at, or search for them on Facebook.

You can email them at

You can phone Hendrik at 084 407 5816 or Karen at 076 850 3185.


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