Our new Bamix Slicesy processor accessory

SlicesyGoing to Decorex in Jozi recently, we just had to pop into the Bamix stall for a quick chin-wag. Mostly, because I could not remember the use of the three blades! (I put the use into our Bamix review now, so that I do not forget again, an possibly help a few other forgetful cooks). 

And walked out with the wonderful Slicesy Processor Accessory. Heidi had desired this for so long, for what can be better than extending the Bamix to a table-top food processor as well? (No more unpacking the entire pantry to get to the monstrously large food processor, or redesigning your entire house and kitchen to fit a large appliance garage). A little box, a huge help.

We unpacked and connected the Slicesy faster than we undressed as newlyweds. Funny how, after 24 years of marriage, undressing your new Bamix toy gives you the same level of excitement. Well, perhaps on par. In no time, a carrot and a celery stick and an onion became a stock base. 

The Slicesy has a very sharp food processor blade, two slicing blades and two grating blades. And connected to the Ferrari engine power of the Bamix, it zips through its tasks in no time. Food prep time down, enjoyment time up. OK, you would not prep for a restaurant with the Slicesy. But how often do we cook for more than 5. So the old trusty food processor is not redundant. It is just categorised differently now. 

The one endearing feature for me is the removable base plate, that slides to the top, getting all of your chopped, sliced or grated goodies out of the bowl. No getting in there with a spoon or squeegee. Swiss bliss. 


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