Our Bamix – the best buy ever

The old adage – like a Swiss watch – still has a lot of merit. In this age where every appliance or gizmo seems to come from a country where the instruction manual reads like a book of jokes, you can still rely on Swiss, German and Italian technology. And at the top of that list is our Bamix. 

We went through the standard range of cheapish blitzers, some with good brand names, but, seemingly all of them had a tendency to go up in smoke at some time (typically the time you can least afford it). But our sturdy Bamix is charging on. It came with a stand, three blades (graciously explained to me recently as the A, B and C blade), and a nifty nut and spice and breadcrumb processor. All of these fit snugly into the back of the stand. No losing your parts (or your marbles).

And it’s incredibly powerful. It has two settings, one zooming at 12-13000 rpm, the other at 17-18000 rpm. When I make my famous chicken stock, the C blade even pulverises the chicken bones!

Now, what about the A, B and C blades? 


blade aBlade A = Aerate – make a mouse or thicken cream 

blade bBlade B = Blend – blending sauces or condiments, such as mayonnaise

blade cBlade C = Consistency – changing the consistency of a liquid, such as blitzing a chunky butternut soup into a smooth soup



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