Ouma Mona’s Sunday Lamb

lam2As a child, I remember some smells so distinctly that every time I get a whiff of one of those smells, I am transported back to my mother's kitchen. One of those smells is the Sunday leg of lamb roasting away for hours. 

My mom used to put it in before we go to church, and when we came home, the house was filled with this glorious bouquet. 

So, this Sunday I took the leg of lamb that we got for an exquisite special (R58 per kilo! – normally R109+) at our local Spar, rubbed it with Olive oil and fresh garden-picked rosemary, thyme, bay leaves and a little bit of sage, put it in a roasting tray and tried to figure out the AEG oven settings. 

After half an hour of googling, I found that I could not set the oven to start at ten and finish at twelve, as I wanted to. It could only finish at twelve. 

So I put foil over the roasting tray and tightly wrapped it around the rim.

And I put the lamb, together with some chops and ribs, in the oven for four hours forty minutes. 

When we came home, I walked right into the memories of my mother. The house smelled divine. 

I wanted to call this recipe "pulled lamb", because when I tried to cut the leg, it simply fell apart, it was that tender. Juicy, filled with the aroma of the fresh herbs, it was just lovely. With the Spanish Marrow Casserole and the Lemon Potatoes, it was a veritable feast. 

I also made the most exquisite pure gravy from the drippings. Now this is living. 


Lamb 200-250g per person eating
Herbs Fresh Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and Bay leaves. A tablespoon of each. 
Olive Oil Enough to cover the meat with a nice rub.

How to do it: 

This is not the recipe where you calculate 20-25 minutes per 450g of meat, etc. 

Season meat with salt and pepper. 

This is where you rub the lamb with oil, cover with herbs, rub in the herbs, put in roasting tray, cover with foil to that it is airtight, and pop in the oven. (Season meat with salt and pepper before you begin with the oil). 

Roast for 4-5 hours at 170 Celcius. 

Simple, eh? 


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