No Cooking Clue

springrollWell, maybe I got jealous of all the chefs on the Cooking channel chopping veggies and not their fingers that I decided, chef school, here I come. Glass of sherry in the hand, we dived into French chopping terms that I couldn’t have imagined existed. Come over for supper and you’ll get vegetables chopped in paysanne style. Like what? Different shapes, same size. Sounds a bit like my kitchen, my rules.

Techniques and the like were demonstrated and I felt like a mushroom sucking up water with all the tips and inside info. Now it was over to me. O dreaded day . . .  I was left with a tray of veggies that had to transform into a stir fry for Spring rolls and Ratatouille. All I could think of was how I would just be too nervous for a TV contest. Everything was well on its way until the lecturer asked me if I peeled the carrot! So much for chef of the evening award.

Any drama queen was quickly supressed as we learnt how to cut onions without shedding a tear. Fresh flavours of herbs and toasted sesame seeds soon comforted me and then the grand finale. The spring rolls were ‘plated’ with freshly made sweet chilli jam and balsamic vinegar. What an exciting event. Enough adrenalin and inspiration to last till next time.


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