Lemon Potatoes

lemonpotato_sSometimes the simplest fair is just wonderful and soon becomes a favourite. Whenever I do this simple little recipe, the kids cheer. And there's nothing as encouraging to a budding cook than that stamp of cross-age acceptance.

When researching this recipe a little bit, I found it to be a classic Italian recipe. Figure that! Well, since lemons are integral with Italian cooking, it kind of makes sense. 

You will most probably laugh at this recipe, until you've tasted it. 


Potatoes 5 Large fresh potatoes. Buy a big pocket of fresh potatoes and USE them. When they start growing or start looking like granny's skin beneath her chin – go and plant them in the kitchen garden!
Lemon 1 large lemon with a good skin. Also fresh. 
Dill When available. Sometimes I don't have any, and that's OK. But dill is delish with this dish!
Garlic 2 cloves, sliced. (Don't use the crushed bottle kind, not tasty. 
Oil Cover your pan with about 1 cm of oil – preferably olive, but sunflower works just as well. 

How to go about it: 

Skin the 'taters, quarter them into wedges and pop in a pot of boiling water. Par-boil for 8-10 minutes. Until a knife penetrates the outside but does not go through the potato. 

Drain in a colander and let it cool in the colander. (they sweat a bit of water, which will accumulate in a pot and give you some grief in the next step. 

We have this oval electric pan that we bought for R150 when we went to Umhlanga and the hotel had no cooking facilities, and we want (always) to cook. This simple electic pan is just wonderful. Still non-stick eventhough it looks like it's been to war. And just always works fantastically. Some times the simple things just work well. My R1500 titanium Woll pan was bust after just a short year. Figures. 

Season the potatoes with salt and pepper. 

I heat the oil in my trusty electric pan and then pop in the garlic. When they go golden (black is not the new gold), pop in the potatoes. on back or one of the sides. Don't crowd the pan, they most not touch, as you want to get them golden, not boil them. As soon as side 1 is golden, turn to side two and then back , or whatever sequence stimulates your OCD.

Then place them in a serving dish, grate the zest of one lemon over it, sprinkle the dill over and the juice of the lemon you zested. Place in the oven at 120 Celcius for about 10-15 minutes. I keep it warm like this until serving. 

Golden, beautiful and tasty potato wedges – goes with the Sunday roast lamb or steak or whatever. Guaranteed – the kids will finish off any wedges that remained and ended up in the fridge in a day.


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