Flapjacks for Ben and John

flapjack-3See, they love it.  Need I say more?

These two have been friends forever.  It’s normally a very difficult decision between French toast and Flapjacks for breakfast.  This round the flapjacks won, properly because they could have breakfast in front of the TV and eat with their hands.  And after breakfast we found a trial of stickiness on the couch, the TV remote, the fridge door, the juice bottle etc.  

I make the batter in a Tupperware Quick Shake.  Add your fluids first and open the lid once or twice for the pressure to escape while you shake-shake the Quick Shake.  The batter tends to be a little thick, I normally add a ‘glug’ of extra milk right at the end and shake-shake again.


1 Egg
200 ml Milk
250 ml Flour
1 tbsp (15ml) Sugar
1 tbsp (15 ml) Baking Powder
1 tbsp (15 ml) Oil
pinch Salt


  1. Pour all ingredients in a Quick-Shake, starting with the egg and milk.  Shake-shake till there's no more lumps in the mixture.  (Open the lid after a few shakes for pressure to escape). 
  2. Pour enough dough into a greased heavy bottom frying pan to make a medium size flapjack.
  3. Turn once the top is full of air bubbles (bottom should be golden brown) and bake on the other side.
  4. flapjack-2


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