Our expensive useless pan

woll2There is an old adage that says "Goedkoop is duurkoop" – or "a bargain turns out to be expensive". Well, not always true. 

Two years ago, when we had a stall at the Good Food & Wine Show at the Coca Cola Dome, I slipped away from the stall for a moment and in a ebullient mood, bought a german WOLL pan that cost R1500. Yes, a single pan. Made from titanium, so apparently unbreakable, the most incredible non-stick surface known to mankind, and a pan that will last forever. Rubbish. 

Yes, it's heavy (too heavy for Heidi to beat me with without obtaining a rorator-cuff injury), it has a glass lid, and the handle can detach, when you use it as a serving dish. And for the first few weeks it was amazingly non-stick. No oil, put in egg, and it slips out when you tilt the pan. I was overjoyed!

But then, one day, the egg stuck. Then everything stuck to the bottom. The non-stick surface was intact, but everything stuck! Quite the frustration, after what I paid for it!

Last year, visiting the WOLL stall I confronted the salesman with this fact. He was an arrogant little pickle, and said to me: "Did you use avocado oil?"

What? Avocado oil? Apparently the pan only retains its non-stick properties if you use avocado oil. Now, for a quick survey – who out there (on this planet), even knows where to buy avocado oil. And then to use it every time for frying an egg? How utterly ridiculous. 

So, now I have a very heavy, very expensive pan that has less use than the R100 non-stick pans you can buy in the supermarket!!!

If I could give negative votes, I would. How silly. 

So, if the fancy takes you – DO NOT BUY A WOLL PAN – not if you don't have an avocado farm with oil press factory!


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