Dining Etiquette

As Alexander is busy with his weeklong farewell party before he leaves for varsity, I did a mental check to make sure he knows what he needs to know.  That is, regarding manners.  I’ve always told my kids that you go through life so much easier if you are well mannered.

When they are in nursery school and junior primary you focus on certain things like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, what to do when you sneeze etc.  When they hit high school your voice and influence fade between friends and social media.

Alexander, if we as parents failed to teach you everything regarding dining etiquette, here’s a comprehensive infographic.  I know you’re smart, you’ll be able to memorise it in a flash. 

Sorry, If I laughed with a mouth full of food or picked a grain of rice from my plate with my fingers, at least, we had memorable times as a family around the dinner table.

Dinner Etiquette


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