Deep Fried Pizza

deepfried2webSounds like a heart-attack on a plate, right? 

In actual fact, just the opposite. It is less oily than our normal pizza, as the mozzarella cheese is unbaked. It's fresh, light and simply scrumptious. We decided to invite and old University mate and her hubby over for a simple tapas meal. And as the budget is tight, we had to come up with something that is very cost-effective and simply delish. So, remembering an old Jamie program on telly, we opted for deep fried pizza. 

We still has some tomato sauce base left from our last pizza bake, so we dished this up, together with a bowl of sliced mozzarella, some fresh basil leaves (kitchen garden in operation), and I made some spicy meatballs and fried some of the excellent pork & cheese bangers we buy at the Boere Mark. Bought a bag of dough (the route of the time-pressured, as I had to mow the lawn so that we could enjoy the outside summer eve without getting lost in the long grass).

And then we had a large jar of carcioffi (bottled artichokes from Italy) that we opened. This was expensive fare, but it had been staring at me from the pantry for more than a year now. And that was it. Simple, inexpensive and a feast. Add some fresh lemonade, white and red wine (thank you, Lord Somerset, you trusty old man), and we had a party. 


Bread dough 1kg
Olive Oil cover your pan to about a cm deep
Tomato sauce base (see recipe) 1 bowl – about 500ml
Fresh Basil  1 bunch
Mozzarella cheese 300g should be enough


1. pour a liberal amount of good olive oil into a pan

2. heat up

3. roll out the bread dough to about 5mm thickness

4. slice in pizza-slice like triangles

5. rest them into the hot oil, (away from you, don't throw them in and splash yourself with hot oil)!

6. fry until a rich golden colour. They will puff up amazingly, but don't worry about this, it's part of the fun. Don't try and flatten them constantly, waste of time. 

7. put into a bowl lined with kitchen paper.

How to enjoy: 

The slices can cool down, no worries. Simply take one, add a spoonful of tomato base on it, spread, add a leaf or two of basil and some mozzarella, and you have a fresh and absolutely tasty treat. 

You can have the entire tapas meal ready in less than 30 minutes!


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