Crispy Crunchy Fried Chicken


In one of the challenges in Masterchef, the poor contestants had to create the perfect fried chicken. 

Which is something very American, but we obviously know it, as KFC defied Apartheid sanctions and contributed by killing at least a few thousand by deep-fat induced heart attacks. (I will most probably be sued now). Point is, we know fried chicken. 

But I have never been a fan of the whole fatty dripping deep fried chicken thing. Oil dripping down your chin whilst you drive, or scalding the skin off your bottom lip. 

The contestants did their thing and I saw that good fried chicken should not be oily. I was intrigues. I also learned that adding Maizena to the flour makes it extra crispy. 

So, I tried a few times to get it right. I haven't completely got it yet, but at least I am on a journey towards "better".

The secret I found was this: Triple dipping. 


Chicken pieces 2 kg

Flour mix for bowl 1 (dry)

Cake flour 3 cups
Maizena 2 tablespoons
Garlic Salt 1,5 Tablespoons
Freshly ground black pepper 1 Tablespoon
Paprika 1 Tablespoon
Cayenne pepper Add if you like a zinger version – 1 tablespoon.

Flour mix for bowl 2 (wet)

Cake flour 1,5 Cups
Salt 1 teaspoon
Freshly ground black pepper 1/4 teaspoon
Egg yolks 2
Beer 1,5 Cups, but add if too thick.

The way we go about it: 

The most important factor is the temperature of the oil. if you don't have a deep fryer, then you need an oil thermometer. The oil must be 175 degrees Celsius. Otherwise the batter is burnt and the chicken raw. 

Triple dipping is this: 

Remove the skin if you choose. Dip in the dry bowl, then the wet bowl, shake off the excess, and re-dip in the dry bowl. Lay in the pan or deep-fryer (away from you, so you don't splash yourself). 

Cook for about 16 minutes. test one to see if the chicken is cooked. It should be moist and perfect, not pink on the bone. 

Prepare a nice dipping sauce or just use sweet chili sauce. Absolutely crunchy, not fatty at all and delicious. I add a Tablespoon of Cayenne pepper for a zinger version. (No brand slumming intended).


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