Our own cold sliced pot-roast beef for sarmies

roast-beefIf not, why not?

Sometimes, or actually, most of the times, the prices we pay for processed or prepared foods just make no sense. Take a beef pot-roast as an example. It was (as always) on special, so I bought a 1kg pot-roast. Could have been a 2kg if I got there the day before. But I did not, so I got too choose from the two that were left. I took the one with the least fat.

As I made it, I decided not to over-complicate anything. The principle was one of convenience and price, not a MasterChef challenge. So, I took one of our cast-iron pots and placed the pot-roast fat-side down on a little preheated oil. I rendered the fat until golden and crisp, and got all of those flavours out.

I then added the fat that Heidi cut whilst making fresh mince from some good rump. Last week we had some store-bought mince that had been frozen, and, alas, our taste-buds still remembered the fresh mince we made for our burgers. Absolutely awful! So, having some more fat got a nice flavourful layer at the bottom of the pot. I turned the meat on all sides, and browned it well in the fat.

When I took it out, after about 40 minutes, it was a thing of beauty. As i was going to thinly slice it, I did not care too much for the obvious toughness of the meat. (It was not slow cooked until it was falling apart).

The secret was in the slicing – a very sharp knife, jigsaw with it to use the length of the knife, and cut across the grain. The slices were beautiful and, as they were meant for sarmies, they were intact.

I had some on a roll with English Mustard and real farm butter. Delicious!

Now for the maths.

100g of silverside sarmie slices = R41.

100g of our home-made sarmie roast-beef = R4,40.



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