Our cheap electric pan

selfcontrol1Is it possible that a really cheap (not inexpensive or good-value-for-money, but cheap) appliance could be so wonderful? 

As mentioned in a previous article, they way we came about acquiring this gem was when we were in hotel in Umhlanga with the kids a little younger. It was called a "self-catering apartment", but frankly, a single kettle to make tea with I would not classify as "self-catering". So, off to Clicks where we found this pan for R150. And the last time I checked, they were pretty much in the same price range. 

Pure and simple, it's an electric pan. It's non-stick, and even to this day, battered and goldilocksed by a moribund maid, it is still non-stick. The joy of it is that it has a really low setting. (Called Self Control – don't we all just need some of that!) So you can truly simmer something for a very long time, if need arises. Also, it has a glass lid (miraculously still intact) to keep the cats out of the food as well giving the ability to see what's going on. And it may not be a beauty, but it is a kitchen to table appliance. Especially for the curries I like to make in it. Cleans easily (for an electric appliance) and really really useful for whatever you choose to cook. 

Five stars for me!


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