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Hot chocolate on a stick

As winter arrived this weekend on the smallholding I went and look for the Hot-Chocolate-on-a-stick recipe.  I’m definitely more of a summer person and a cup of hot chocolate accompanied me as I said goodbye...


WhiskAway Ice Cream and Sorbet

WhiskAway Ice Cream and Sorbet is a product of luxury, produced with a home-made charm.  At WhiskAway we believe that the only way a flavour can truly be enjoyed is when it is produced...


Blubird Whole Food Market – Johannesburg

When: Every Sunday Time: 09:00 – 14:00 Where: Blubird Shopping Centre, c/o Atholl Oaklands & Fort Str, Birnam, JHB Directions: – Contact No: 083 311 4768 Email: Website: Contact Person: Robyn Higgins...