Blubird Whole Food Market – Johannesburg


When: Every Sunday
Time: 09:00 – 14:00
Where: Blubird Shopping Centre, c/o Atholl Oaklands & Fort Str, Birnam, JHB
Contact No: 083 311 4768
Contact Person: Robyn Higgins
  • Selection of pies and pastries and rissoles.
  • Sephardi  patisserie.
  • Local cheese and raw butter and goatsmilk  yoghurt.  dairy and goatsmilk Cheese.
  • French Patisseur, fabulous selection of pastries and macaroons and quiches.
  • Chocolatier,
  • There are menus and tastes available at all the traders stalls.
  • Italian pestos and pastas and anti pasti.   Pasta made whilst you wait.
  • Greek dolmades, hummus,an amazing assortment of different tastes sweet and savoury.
  • Indian curries and samoosas, roti rolls, sweetmeats…….
  • Thai red and green curries.
  • Fairtrade organic coffee and tea.
  • Our  Spiceman will mix his spices to suit your individual taste.
  • Sauces and reductions and olive oils.
  • Olives cured in Gauteng by Cedric of O’live.
  • Home
  • Designer cupcakes by Gabi.
  • Raw honey.
  • And lots, lots more

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