A saucy evening

Second time around I was much more relaxed and not so bewildered as before. After a shot of theory with more French like ‘mirepoix’, I started off on a saucy evening.

mayoAll the bits of celery, onion and carrot leftovers like the skin and leaves are used to form the basis for stocks, sauces, soups and the like. But first, putting your fridge in order with meats at the bottom so the juices don’t run wild and contaminate neighbours, then veggies on top. Never knew what this ‘cold chain’ thing meant that supermarkets are on about. The mystery was solved. Don’t heat and then refrigerate too often as bacteria love warmth, food and music. (replace music with moisture)

It was great heating and beating the eggs yolks and butter and see it become an emulsion. This became ‘hollandaise’ and with the lemon juice I thought it’s a bit like warmed up mayonnaise. By the way, sauces are not to cover up miss happened cooking, they have a live of their own. Next was another ‘mother’ sauce, one of the five basic classic French sauces, ‘Velhoute’. I boiled my own stock using chicken bones and the ‘mirepoix’ (see if you can remember from the first paragraph). Quickly made a ‘roux’ meaning butter and flour cooked and then adding the stock. As a basis this became a lovely tomato soup with freshly cooked tomatoes and milk.

Chef cooked some beef stock beforehand that was then reduced by boiling. It transformed into a sauce without using any thickening agents.This was served over a kebab on rice. Totally delicious and with the exotic name of ‘Monte au Beurre’. Me and some fellow students got immersed in French culture and we totally embraced it with a glass or two of red wine. Evidence of this can be seen in the photos I took that somehow disappeared and the slightly blurred one that made it. Had to think long and deep to remember all the details of the sauces.



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