A Mocha Frappé in two minutes

instant-frappe-001It always starts with “Dad, can I have a snack?” And it ends with me slaving for an hour to get a quick snack going. Not that the teen lounging at the telly wanted me to slave for an hour. They just wanted something tasty and, if it’s the daughter, classy as well. Not so easy, sometimes. But last night the request was for a choccachino or frappachino, or some coffee iced milky treat. I then, in doing the research for this article saw that it is actually a Mocha Frappé.

So my mind translated it as coffee, ice, milk, sugar, cream and chocolate. I checked the cupboard and grabbed the Jacobs Decaf (it was nine o-clock already) and the House of Coffees Instant Hot chocolate. I got the blitzer (blender), left the dunder, filled it with about 500ml of ice, three teaspoons of sugar, two scoops/ tablespoons of chocolate powder, three teaspoons of instant coffee and filled it up with milk (to the 500ml mark, i.e. I filled the gaps between the ice with milk). At this point I was instructed to leave out the cream please. She knows me too well. The only thing better than adding cream is squirting canned cream on top as well. Not her dietary style, though. I then blitzed it. Instant Mocha Frappé.

It came out bitter, sweet, creamy and tasty.

I promptly made a second batch with added cream. For me.

Do I really need to write down these ingredients? A simple Mocha Frappé in minutes.


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