365 days…

Ok, it's the first of January 2015. New Year, new things. After watching many foodie programs on the telly over the Christmas Holidays, we, as a family (of foodies) have decided to start a project for the year. 365 days, 365 recipes.

Our 15-year old daughter is keen on baking (as the scale confirms, as I am the taster), our 12-year old is no slouch in making his own snacks and breakfasts and our 18-year old makes quite a meal (if he can get off whats App for an hour or so). And then there's Heidi (wife with long-service award) and me, Daniel, pilgrim of the pallet, adventurer of the arrabbiata, and self-confessed foodie.

So, 365 days starting today!

As it is my daughter's wish to publish her own family cookbook of all the things she loves (and there are many), the end of this project will be a cookbook. So, New Years' Eve 2015, cookbook finished and ready for printing! (We like to think big).

So, dear reader, embark on this culinary cruise with us, if you wish. We'd love to have you on board.



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